Asylum Request Letter

The following is a template for Asylum Request Letters. These letters detail the reasons someone seeks asylum, emphasizing the risks and dangers they would face if they returned to their country of origin. You can use this template by adapting it to your specific situation.

Asylum Request Letter

[Date] ____________

[Relevant Authority]

[Name of the entity granting asylum]

[Address of the entity]


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, [Full Name of Applicant], a citizen of [Country of Origin], holding passport number [Passport Number], hereby formally request asylum in [Requested Country] for the following reasons:

My life and safety are severely threatened in [Country of Origin] due to [specific reason, such as political persecution, religious persecution, belonging to a particular social group, etc.]. I have faced [describe perilous situations, such as threats, attacks, discrimination, etc.]. If I am compelled to return to my home country, I would face [describe the risks and consequences of returning].

I am attaching evidence that supports my request, including [detail the documentation, such as reports, photographs, testimonies, etc.].

I kindly request that you consider my application urgently. I am willing to provide any additional information you may require and fully cooperate with the relevant authorities to ensure a fair and swift evaluation of my request.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.




[Full Name of Applicant]

[Contact: address, phone number, email address]

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This Asylum Request Letter template is designed to serve as an initial resource for those seeking asylum in another country due to adverse circumstances in their place of origin. It’s crucial to adjust the content according to one’s individual situation and always advisable to seek legal counsel to ensure all necessary requirements are met.

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