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There is a small piece of land on the planet called Holy Land, made up of areas from various countries, which impacts the entire world. One of the most emblematic nations that make it up, without a doubt, is Israel; territory that attracts millions of visitors, year after year, due to its great historical, cultural and religious wealth.

Beyond the political-territorial conflicts that are still in force in Israel, it must be recognized that this is a country that captivates due to the diversity that characterizes it. And it is that, it is not only the headquarters and confluence area of ​​three of the world’s major religions; but also, a place that combines:

  • The ancient and the modern
  • history and culture
  • Science and faith.

So, there are plenty of reasons to travel to Israel and take a walk through those Representative places of so many moving events that marked the history of mankind. If you have the opportunity to visit it, do not miss it. You will be surprised with all the wonders you will find in this small country.

Immigration requirements demanded by the State of Israel

Israel owns visa waiver agreements with many countries. Those who enjoy the benefit will only be required to be holders of a passport with a minimum validity of six months counted from the moment of entering the country. To find out which nations have this prerogative, enter here: VisaRequirements-Tourists.pdf

Despite having a fairly simple immigration system, if compared to other countries, it is not for this reason that the Israelites neglect security. On the contrary, due to its historical background and given the tense relationship that exists with the neighboring muslim nationsthey make sure to screen visitors very well.

In this sense, the authorities tend to carry out a visitor profile; which allows them to know who they have Arab or Muslim parentage, in which case they usually do a more exhaustive review before allowing them to enter the country. The same happens if, when checking the passport, they verify that it has a stamp from one of these countries.

Another aspect to take into account is that the Israeli authorities they do not usually stamp the passport when entering and leaving the country. They do this in order to prevent citizens from having problems if they decide to travel to a muslim nation. Instead, they give a stay card in which the dates of entry and return are indicated.

How to obtain a tourist visa and other conditions?

Travelers who come from a country excluded from the list mentioned above, must comply with the procedure to obtain the visit visa. It is granted not only to those who travel for tourismbut also to those who do it for business, family visits or devotional reasons. This will be valid for 90 days and its holders may not engage in work activities in Israel. The requirements are:

  • Valid passport for six months after leaving Israel.
  • Two recent photos, size 5×5 cm.
  • Printed visa application.
  • Reservation of round-trip air tickets.
  • Payment of 23 euros.
  • Reservation of accommodation for the duration of the stay in the country.
  • Visiting program.
  • Demonstration of economic solvency to assume the expenses derived from the visit.
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The authorities may require Additional documents to those mentioned above. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the corresponding embassy the requirements that must be presented, in order to avoid application rejection.

Likewise, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the various visa types that can be requested, since they vary according to the purpose of visit. In this sense, both the required documentation and the procedure to follow could be different.

If applying for a visa for a younger, he will have to appear in person at the corresponding embassy. On the other hand, it must be attached to the aforementioned requirements, a Travel authorization signed by both parents.

Procedure for applying for a tourist visa

Once the requirements to apply for a tourist visathe documents must be sent by post to the embassy. They will be analyzed and, if necessary, the applicant will be called.

If the request is approved, the embassy will establish contact with the applicant to set the date of the appointment and at that time deliver passport and visa. In those cases in which the interview with the consul is not necessary, the documents may be sent through a postal courier company. However, the responsibility for the inconveniences that may arise, will correspond entirely to the citizen who has opted for said modality.

Usually the complete process can last between 4 and 6 weeks; That is why it is best to start it with the as far in advance as possible. In this way, inconveniences can be foreseen that would force the trip to be delayed.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that if the visa was deniedthe Embassy will not refund the money that has been paid for payment of legal taxes. The same will not be recognized at the time of making future requests.

Health requirements related to COVID-19

Israel is one of the countries with higher vaccination rate against COVID-19. But this does not imply that its authorities have relaxed the sanitary measures at airports and border checkpoints.

On the contrary, with the emergence of new strains and the need to neutralize infectionsthe State of Israel has decreed since November 28, 2021 a partial closure of its borders. Consequently, only nationals may enter and in special cases, certain foreigners.

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Now, the entry conditions will depend on migratory status of the person; as well as, from the intention of the trip. From there, the embassy has classified 19 exceptional cases in which the entry of foreigners. In general terms, the following requirements will be requested from all travelers:

  • Negative PCR test. It must be carried out by a laboratory certified by the local authorities, carried out within 72 hours prior to departure and presented to the airline staff. Results in digital format are not accepted. The proof must be printed in English and include the passport number. In extraordinary cases, where it has not been possible to carry it out, the traveler will have to request an exceptional permit on the following website:
  • Health declaration. It must be completed within 48 hours prior to the flight. In it, personal data and information about the travel itinerary will be required. It can be filled out by going to:
  • Entry permit. It is a document issued by the Israel Exceptions Committee. To obtain it, it will be necessary to complete a digital form in which information related to the trip and the health status of the applicant will be required. This permission is not required of everyone; therefore, check with the corresponding embassy if it applies or not.
  • Vaccination certificate. Only those vaccines that have been approved by the World Health Organization will be recognized. The date of administration of the dose required by the Israeli authorities will depend on the type of immunization stated in the document.

General tips for visiting Israel

Many people stop traveling to Israel because they think that it is an unsafe country. And you can’t blame them, since the persistent conflict with the neighboring muslim nations, is cause for concern. However, this circumstance does not prevail throughout its territory. In fact, a little known reality is that the risks exist in specific placesespecially in the borders with Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

Leaving aside the issue of security, there are also other aspects that you should know before traveling to Israel. This way, you won’t be surprised by the country customs and you can live seamless experience. Among them:

  • The israeli shekel It is not the only legal tender, you can also pay with dollars or euros.
  • In Israel the sockets are type H and the voltage is 230V.
  • If you plan to visit a temple of worship, you should bring appropiate clothes.
  • Respect Shabbat (Saturday), since it is a holy day for the Jews. For this reason, many services will be closed.
  • Although Hebrew is the official language, many people also they dominate english.

Our recommendation is that you do not prepare yourself, only, to carry out a religious tourism. Israel has much more to offer its visitors. And if you follow these tips the verbatimyou can enjoy everything no worries or inconveniences.

Maya Martinez

Legal advisor for immigration processes. In addition to providing support in the legal procedures, I offer integral and informative support in relation to the obligations that are acquired when arriving to a new country.

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