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Are you tired of your vacations being limited to beaches? Then it’s time to point the compass in the direction of Switzerlanda country famous for its exquisite cheeseshis chocolate and its imposing landscapes of snowy mountains.

It is about those destinations that do not come to mind immediately, when you think about discovering new places. However, Switzerland is one of the countries that make their visitors fall in lovemaking them want come back again and again.

This is a territory located in Central Europebordered to the north by Germanysouth with Italyeast with Austria and to the west with France. In economic and political terms, it is one of the most stable countries on the planet.

In fact, in 2011 it was positioned as the fourth richest country in the world. As far as its political and international relations are concerned, this is a neutral zone; so he has not participated in no kind of warfor more than two decades.

Requirements for entry to the country

Switzerland is not part of the European Union, but of the schengen area; This is an area created in 1985, which today is made up of 26 countries. One of the purposes of this grouping is the abolition of internal border controls. By virtue of this, the member nations share a common visa policywhich bears the same name as the area.

The tourists wishing to travel to Switzerlandthey should consult if it corresponds to them to request the schengen visa. One of the benefits of obtaining it is the possibility of traveling legally through any of the countries that make up the zone during the validity period established in said document. And for its approval, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Application form duly signed.
  • Passport with a minimum validity of three months, prior to the date of departure from Switzerland.
  • A passport-style photographrecent and taken on a light background.
  • Flight reservation (round trip) or travel itinerary, indicating date of entry and exit, and flight numbers.
  • health insurance policy, which covers hospital emergencies and other medical expenses. The lower limit of coverage, in general, is 30,000 euros; however, this is established based on the days of residence.
  • proof of accommodation.
  • proof of possession Livelihoods sufficient to assume the expenses derived from the trip.

The Schengen visa application must be presented to the Swiss consulate or embassyand it is recommended to do it at least one month before the trip. Its approval may be for up to 90 days, every six months, from the date of entry into the country. You can expand this information by entering

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COVID-19| Restrictions in force in Switzerland due to the pandemic

One fact that tourists cannot ignore is that the fight against pandemic caused by COVID-19. And because it is a fast transmitting virusinternational travel is a risk activity.

For this reason, before traveling to Switzerland, you should know what the latest biosafety conditions that this country has established to travelers. Although there are not many differences with respect to those applied by the rest of the countries, it is necessary get acquainted with them in order to fulfill them:

  • negative test. Visitors can choose between a PDR, carried out on the day of the trip, or a PCR carried out within 72 hours prior to the trip.
  • traveler form. Applicants must answer an online questionnaire issued by the Swiss federal office of public health. Failure to comply with this requirement will be grounds for a fine. You can access here:
  • travel check. Additionally, the traveler must answer another questionnaire, whose purpose is to let him know if he meets the requirements to enter Switzerland. It does not include the ordinary migratory conditions, you can consult it at the following link:

Since the COVID-19 situation remains uncertain, due to the new variants that continue to emerge, it is essential consult the information provided by the authorities before the trip. Although the data we have given is in accordance with current regulations, this does not imply that they cannot be modified in the future.

Additionally, take into account the security measures: use of the mask, frequent hand washing Y disinfection with alcohol-based antiseptic gel. The cooperation that each one contributes will depend on whether this pandemic can be overcome soon and get back to normal of the activities.

ETIAS travel permit | Keys about the new immigration system

In order to regulate the migration of citizens coming from visa-exempt countries, the members of the Schengen area have established an alternative visa that will allow them to increase the immigration security. Commonly referred to as an ETIAS Permit, it is a information and authorization system travel approved in conjunction with the European Union.

This document arises from the need to establish the conditions of entry to the Schengen areaapplicable to those citizens exempt from the obligation to apply for a visa. Until now, the exact date of its entry into force is unknown; however, the authorities have reported that they hope to be able to activate this system by the end of 2022.

For now, permission will be required for 60 countries. Like a tourist visa, whose purpose is to regulate trips that do not exceed 90 days. Those interested in obtaining it must submit their application, which will be processed provided that the citizen meets the following requirements:

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  • Passport with a minimum validity of three months, counted from their arrival in Europe.
  • Debit or credit card. These are required to pay the expenses derived from the ETIAS application.
  • Valid email address.

Those who meet these conditions may proceed with the request of the ETIAS permit. At the time of making the corresponding registration, the person must provide personal information quite detailed. The data required includes:

  • Name and surname.
  • Date of birth.
  • Civil status.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport data.
  • Current address.
  • Phone number.
  • Education level.
  • Occupation.
  • Country you want to visit.

On the other hand, the applicant must provide data related to their criminal record, answering the questions generated by the system. For more information and other details about the new ETIAS Permitwe recommend you check the official website through the following link:

Once you have ready legal requirementsyou just have to wait for the Travel date And maybe that’s the hardest part. But don’t worry, we assure you that it will be worth it. Switzerland has so many wonders to offer you, that your patience will be rewarded with profit.

Tourism in Switzerland

As for tourism, Switzerland has so much to offer, that one visit will not be enough to enjoy it all. In this sense, if you are art lover, natural landscapes, good gastronomy and you look for a place where you can disconnect from daily worries, you must travel to the country. And if you still haven’t convinced yourself, know a part of what you will find here:

  • exquisite food. Surely you have heard of cheese Le Gruyere or of Emmentaler. Both are among the most famous in the world and have in common that they are originally from Switzerland. But, in addition, visitors are awaited by delicious dishes such as Älplermagronenin which the Italian influence or the Birchermüesliwhich is the typical national breakfast.
  • The Alps. It is impossible to visit Switzerland and not reserve time to get to know its Alps. It is a mountainous area that occupies more than 60% of the territory of that country. They constitute one of the great treasures of this nation and generate more than 50% of the income obtained from tourism.
  • Zürich. Although Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and has great historical appeal, Zurich is the city that is most attractive to tourists. This is because it is a metropolis that stands out in all areas of assessment. Known as the financial capital of Europe and home to the largest airport in the country; You will also find in this city, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Swiss Science Center.

Natural beauty, history, art, infrastructure development and great food, What more could you want? Without a doubt, your next vacation will have to be in Switzerland. A place where the magical charm of its landscapes will captivate you Start preparing your documents now.

Maya Martinez

Legal advisor for immigration processes. In addition to providing support in the legal procedures, I offer integral and informative support in relation to the obligations that are acquired when arriving to a new country.

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