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If there is a country characterized by its extravagance, that is China. And we don’t mean that in a pejorative sense; on the contrary, their unique customs and culture, are part of the elements that most attract visitors. Given that what makes tourism such an attractive activity is that it allows in touch with the unknownlive unique experiences and accumulate memories in the most beautiful and interesting places of the planet.

For this reason, it would be impossible to exclude from tourist itineraries a nation that, among other spectacular placesis the headquarters of one of the seven Wonders of the World: the Great Wall of China. This fortification reached an extension of more than 21,000 km and its construction took how long? 200 or 2000 years? The truth is that there were many.

This magnificent construction is not, however, the only one that deserves admiration. The chinese temples they are very famous for their architectural appeal and for having been declared World Heritage. Among the most prominent are:

  • Temple of Heaven, in Beijing.
  • Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai.
  • Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng.
  • Jokhang Temple, Tibet.
  • Yonghe Temple in Beijing.

And there are many more, which are part of the many charming places that a tourist must visit. In addition to this, we cannot fail to mention the chinese gastronomy, whose worldwide fame has spread for his eccentricity. It could be said that there is no animal that has not been incorporated into their diet and although the idea may seem unappetizing, once you give them the opportunity, you discover that it is delicious dishes.

Dare to travel to China, a nation of ancient historywhich has maintained a admirable balance between tradition and modernity. Furthermore, she has been endowed with beautiful landscapes and buildingsthat you can not stop knowing.

Requirements to enter China

IF you are preparing your trip, it is essential that you know the entry policies to China. If it is the first time you go, don’t worry about its complexitysince they turn out to be very similar to those required in other countries, as you will see below:

  • Visa. Some people require presenting this document at the border points, in accordance with the validity requirements.
  • Passport. Valid for at least six months or at least until the date the trip ends.
  • Rooting tests. must be supplied documentation that convinces the authorities of the intention to leave China, within the authorized time limits. Air tickets, flight reservations and others that demonstrate family, work, financial or academic ties in the country of origin can be presented.
  • Livelihoods. That they provide certainty to the authorities that the traveler can assume the expenses that they will generate during their stay.
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Keep in mind that the Chinese authorities have the power to verify the information provided. They may also interrogate you, to ensure that you do not pose a threat to the National security.

General aspects of the Chinese visa

One of the most peculiar aspects of the entry policies to China is the visa regulation. Although it is not a complex matter, yes requires careful reviewdue to the diversity of conditions that apply according to the locations visited.

In this regard, it should be remembered that in China there are two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macau)which have normative autonomy relative to the rest of the nation. Similarly, in recent years, some visa exceptions applicable in certain provinces have been decreed.

Now, as regards the granting of visasthe Chinese system has 16 categories. In the case of tourists, the visa belongs to the “L” classification. This permit is the one that must be requested by those who travel with the purpose of know the country and those who are going to visiting friends living in China. The requirements to formalize the request are:

  • original passport, with a minimum validity of six months counted from the date of the request and two blank pages. Additionally, a copy of the data sheet of both the current document and the one that has expired must be attached.
  • Digital application formavailable on the official portal created by the Chinese government to process applications:
  • bank account certificate, in which a minimum availability of 1000 EUR must be verified, in case of being unemployed. At least EUR 100 per day will be required if the destination is any province in mainland China.
  • color photorecent, with a clear background and whose dimensions are 4.8 cm x 3.3 cm.
  • Airplane ticket or round trip flight booking.
  • Hotel reservation or letter of invitation drawn up by the host. In the latter, mention must be made of the personal data of the tourist and of the person who receives it, the link that unites them and details about the reason for the visit.

The processing time of the request varies according to the selected modality. There are four methods which are: regular, express, urgent And through postal delivery, which take 5, 3, 2 and 10 business days respectively. Regarding the cost of the consular feesit is recommended to consult the rates in the corresponding visa center.

Who is exempt from a visa to enter China?

In principle, visa-exempt nationals of countries with which China has concluded bilateral agreementswhose list can be consulted here: Additionally, those who meet any of the conditions mentioned below will be exempted:

  • Citizens of Japan, Singapore or Bruneitraveling for tourism, business or family reasons for a maximum period of fifteen days.
  • People in transit to Beijing, Hebei and Tainjinprovided that their stay in these locations does not exceed six days.
  • Those who are in transit Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsufor a maximum period of six days, if they have entered from Shanghai, Nanjing or Hangzhou airports.
  • Citizens who enter in transit to Sichuanvia Chengdu-Shuangliu International Airport, if your stay does not exceed 144 hours.
  • Citizens from certain other countries are eligible for visa-free entry to the hainan province if your stay does not exceed 30 days. Learn more about it here:
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There are also other Exceptional circumstancesfor which the entry and transit permit for 72 or 144 hours to those who plan to travel to a third country. These assumptions can be consulted on the following website: BCN2_ES/generalinformation/visaknowledge/260985.shtml

Entry rules decreed due to COVID-19

China was the first country in detecting cases of contagion by COVID-19; therefore, it is the nation that has been fighting the pandemic for the longest time. In March 2020, it closed its borders, which it has been opening progressively since September of that same year. However, it keeps quite strict conditions for foreigners, who will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Negative PCR and IgM antibody tests, which have been carried out by the same laboratory, within 48 hours prior to the trip. Foreign citizens must send the results to the corresponding consular office.
  • complete the health declaration form, within 24 hours prior to travel. You can access it by going to: index/index.html
  • People with a recent history of contagion, they must send a recovery certificate to the corresponding embassy. Upon arrival in the country, they will have to undergo an X-ray exam and two PCR tests.

Other mandatory requirement for all travellers, whether vaccinated or not, is compliance with a quarantine time. It will be completed in government designated place Chinese and its duration may vary according to the policies established in each city.

Isolation conditions can encompass three phases: centralized confinement, home quarantine and monitoring by community health centers. In all cities, the initial stage spans 14 days. The other two, where they are applied, usually last 7 days each.

Those who travel to the Special Administrative Regionsthey must inquire with their airline or an authorized tourist agency, about the current health requirements. However, it should be mentioned that in these areas the “0 COVID-19” policywhich is characterized by its rigor.

Bear in mind that, upon arrival, you may be subjected to temperature controls by the authorities. Also, remember that, once you are allowed to enter the country, you must cooperate by complying with the biosecurity measures.

Maya Martinez

Legal advisor for immigration processes. In addition to providing support in the legal procedures, I offer integral and informative support in relation to the obligations that are acquired when arriving to a new country.

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