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Latin America has many exotic destinationswhich offer countless landscapes of singular beauty. And among them, Mexico appears as the one that attracts the more tourists. But, it not only occupies this position in the continent, but also tops the international rankings.

Located between the United States and Central America, Mexico is one of the most representative countries of Latin America. This nation is famous for its tequila, ranchera music, devotion to Guadalupe’s Virgin and architectural heritage bequeathed by Mayans and Aztecs; without forgetting the spicy taste that never lacks in his meals and his irresistible beaches.

Apart from these elements, which are the main reason for those who travel for tourism, the nation also stands out for its social progress. In this sense, it ranks number 7 in the ranking of human development in Latin America. Hence, visitors can feel comfortable with care and services they receive during their stay.

What are the requirements to travel to Mexico?

If you want to make the most of your stay in Mexico, you must first make sure that you have the necessary documents to enter. Next, we indicate what are the requirements to meet by foreigners:

  • Valid passport. Its validity must cover at least the length of stay in the country.
  • Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). This document is processed electronically and must be possessed by all those foreigners who enter the country for tourism, business, volunteering or taking courses; provided that the stay is less than 180 days.
  • Departure flight booking. In order to check the date on which the visitor will leave the country.
  • Reservation of accommodation or letter of invitation. With indication of the address, telephone and, if applicable, a copy of the identity document of the host.
  • Proof of economic solvency. In which it is verified that the traveler has at least 100 USD, for each day of stay in Mexico.

As of April 1, 2021, a new new tax of 224 Mexican pesos applicable to tourists to Cancun. It can be paid before, during or after completing the stay and the receipt must be presented to the immigration authorities when leaving the country.

Conditions to obtain the multiple migratory form (FMM)

This is a mandatory document for all foreigners who wish to enter Mexico for reasons of leisure, business, study or others that do not involve the development of a work activity. It is a Tourist Cardrequired even for travelers who do not have to process a visa and will be required whenever they do not intend to enjoy a stay longer than 180 days. To be processed, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid passport.
  • Air ticket or flight reservation.
  • Visitor visa, if required.
  • Completion of the FMM application, with truthful information.

In addition, the FMM requires foreigners who enter through by air or land. In both cases, you can request free way, via online and will be valid for 180 days from the day it was stamped by the immigration authority.

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Once the application is filled out, the person has 30 days to print it and present it to the immigration authoritiesin airports or land borders, so that it is sealed. The procedure is very simple, you just have to enter the following website enabled by the National Migration Institute (INM): and follow the instructions.

How to obtain the visa to enter Mexico?

Citizens from countries that have not concluded visa waiver agreements with Mexico, they will need to have said document for their entry to be authorized. The procedure is carried out before the embassy and the following requirements must be submitted:

  • Application form completely filled out, preferably digitally. It can be downloaded by following this link:
  • Valid and current passport.
  • Copy of the passport pages where the personal data and visas granted by other countries.
  • recent photographwith white background and passport size.
  • Flight reservation with indication of the dates of entry and exit.
  • Lodging reservation.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Dependent workers must present proof of work.
  • bank statementof the last six months.
  • Proof of incomeof the last six months.
  • Proof of savings, investment or participation in cooperativesissued by a financial institution.
  • Merchants must present Constitutive Act of the company, in which they appear as shareholders or sole owners. In the same way, they will have to include a copy of the permit to operate, balances and tax identification number of the same.

Once the documents required by the Mexican authorities have been gathered, the interested party must schedule the appointment at the embassy by virtual procedure. Finally, you must appear in person on the scheduled day with the requirements in question. You can make an appointment by going to:

Check the list of countries that require a visa to enter Mexican territory, on the website of the National Institute of Mexico:

It is appropriate to mention that the Mexican government has recently incorporated this group into the Venezuelan nationals. In accordance with the agreement issued by the Ministry of the Interior, these citizens must process a visitor stay visa from January 21, 2022. This information can be expanded on the following web portal:

Sanitary measures established by Mexico due to COVID-19

Mexico is one of the most flexible countries in terms of sanitary conditions required of those who wish to enter its territory. In this sense, the size of the vaccination certificate or carrying out a PCR test, are not mandatory. That is, the person can travel without them.

The only mandatory requirement established on the occasion of the pandemic is the Fly safe form. Through this questionnaire, the traveler will provide updated information about their health status, personal and contact detailsas well as the possible risk factor’s. Thus, the authorities will be able to act efficiently in the event that the person becomes infected during their stay in the country.

The aforementioned form must be filled electronically with prior to the trip. It is recommended to use a device with an Internet connection, in which the data can be stored. QR code that the system will generate. Below, we explain the steps you must follow to meet this requirement:

  1. official and exclusive for the issuance of the form:
  2. contributing a email that you use frequently and a password. Next, you must accept the terms and conditions. Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to enter the system.
  3. with your email and password, go to the “health questionnaires” section and there choose the option “pre-flight questionnaire”.
  4. the data requested regarding your identity, flight and health status.
  5. . Once this step is completed, a QR code that you must take with you, printed or in digital format, so that it can be scanned in the security areas of the airport.
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The process is free and for now, the only one that will be required at airports. However, travelers should inform themselves in the official websites or through the airlines about the developments that may arise with respect to the biosecurity measures that Mexico demands of its visitors.

Why visiting Mexico is an excellent option?

Those who have not yet had the opportunity to travel to the aztec country, you may be wondering what makes it so attractive. Others will think that the reason is cancun and the other cities of popular state Quintana Roo. And yes, indeed its beaches are a kind of magnet that attracts millions of people, tourists and nationals, year. But the fame of this country includes many attractions, among others:

  • . It is the drink that represents Mexico internationally. Named after the region where it originated, it now attracts not only tourists but investors as well. In fact, this country exports more than 200 million liters a year, being an industry sector that maintains stable growth.
  • The village Aztec is one of the most important ancient civilizations in Latin America. Their legacy is famous for the pyramids and temples they built; as well as by the techniques used in the manufacture of weapons and textile products. Many of their practices are still part of the Mexican tradition, in rural and urban areas.
  • If there is something for which Mexican cuisine is internationally known, it is for its favorite ingredient: chili. In this country, 250 different species are cultivated, some are sweet; but, for the most part, they are characterized by being very spicy. And here is the challenge for those who visit Mexico: will they be able to withstand it?

In addition, it is necessary to recognize the particular taste of Mexican food. Thanks to the practice of indigenous techniques, cooks make the most of the flavor that food provides. Not to mention the colors that can be seen in the dishes and generous portions what are you offering. Each bite is an extremely pleasurable experience.

And no less important is their people. The Mexican is popular, internationally, for its hospitality and human warmth. And perhaps this is the reason why millions of people in the world visit this country and do not miss the opportunity to return; because if there is something that results priceless for touristis to be able to reach a place where will feel like at home.

Maya Martinez

Legal advisor for immigration processes. In addition to providing support in the legal procedures, I offer integral and informative support in relation to the obligations that are acquired when arriving to a new country.

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